paradise city herbalcalendula creme

A whole foods, plant-based diet for your skin.

(Yes, I’m one of those “if you wouldn’t put it in your mouth, don’t put it on your skin” people.)

Handmade in small batches using herbs (and a few veg) grown naturally on our micro-farm as well as purchased certified organic herbs. You’ll also find organic vegetable oils, organic vegetable butters and pure essential oils as ingredients.

You won’t find any unnecessary or undesirable additives like synthetic fragrances or paraben-based preservatives. And of course, there’s never any animal testing! Every product is tested by volunteer humans and is unconditionally guaranteed.

 ~Sheri Pierce, the herbal mixtress



Available at:

  • River Valley Market co-op, Northampton
  • Florence Wednesday Farmers Market (April thru Oct)